On World Earth Day we tell you how ElectraFK works to reduce its carbon footprint and take care of the planet.

Every April 22, we commemorate #EarthDay around the world.

The starting point of this day is to make the whole society aware of the need to protect the environment and the conservation of biodiversity. The objective is to curb pollution and take into account the responsible use of natural resources.

What are we doing at Sonepar?

Sonepar is committed to acting with corporate responsibility, through high standards of ethical, social and environmental behavior and the continuous search for development and improvement. As part of this policy, since November 2021 ElectraFK has carried out a donation program of its electronic waste to the Chilenter Foundation , who review this equipment, recondition it to give it a second useful life and, later, donate it to schools and social organizations. .

To date, ElectraFK has delivered 4,889 kg of electronic waste that was reconditioned, avoiding 128.7 tons of C02 , a precursor gas of climate change. This number is equivalent to:

The parts that could not be reused for the assembly of new computers (such as plastic parts, metal parts and electronic boards) were recycled, achieving a complete circularity process for this waste.


CHILENTER is a non-profit private law foundation created in 2002 and belonging to the Network of Foundations of the Presidency.

At CHIENTER they aspire to build a society where technology is an effective and sustainable means for the inclusion and development of people. For this reason, they promote the education and social use of technologies, building capacities to improve the quality of life of communities that are on the technological periphery, orchestrating the collection and sustainable and innovative transformation of electronic waste.

Next steps

“At ElectraFK, we are convinced that taking care of the earth is everyone's job, for this reason we are intensifying our actions focused on sustainability to reduce our environmental impact and our carbon footprint. We have different initiatives such as the management of our waste, the reduction of energy consumption, digitization processes to reduce our paper consumption. Likewise, we work with our suppliers to provide our clients with green solutions and, in addition, we train our collaborators in the energy transition academy so that we are all aware of how we can help the environment. These initiatives are framed within our Sustainability Policy” , says Lesly Uzcategui,Responsible for the Management System at ElectraFK and Sustainability Ambassador for Sonepar Chile.

ElectraFK will remain committed to neutralizing its emissions until 2030 and supporting communities. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of life on the planet and the environmental balance for our generation and future generations. For this initiative every grain of sand counts, that's why you are also part of the solution. You add up?